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Trade fair ITMA Barcelona 2019

June 30, 2019 - Together with Oerlikon Textile, its parent company, BB Engineering joined ITMA Barcelona. ITMA is the leading trade fair of the international textile industry and therefore, it is an important opportunity for product presentation and interaction with customers for BBE as a producer of machines and components for man-made fibers industry.

At the impresseive booth Oerlikon Textile presented four world premiere, among them recycling line VacuFil® by BBE - a solution catering to a "clean technology" production philosophy. Decades of experience in the areas of extrusion, filtration and spinning systems have been bundled into a new, innovative core component – the vacuum filter. It unites gentle largescale filtration and controlled intrinsic-viscosity build-up for consistently outstanding melt quality. The vacuum unit – located adjacent to the filter – swiftly and reliably removes volatile contamination (spinning oil, etc.). The excellent degasification performance additionally relieves the energy-intensive predrying process. The modular structure of the VacuFil® range offers numerous possibilities for the process guiding system. Whether as a standalone solution with downstream granulation or as an inline variant with 3DD additive feed – customer requirements can be optimally catered for with various system configurations.

Visitors and customers showed huge interest in VacuFil® and other products by BBE over all days of ITMA.

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