Polymer extruder manufactured by BB Engineering

Decades of experience as well as more than 17,000 developed and delivered extruders speak for themselves: with BB Engineering you have a strong partner in extruder construction for various end applications such as fiber and film production at your side. With a high level of expertise, we ensure the highest possible melt quality and stable processes for you – even in recycling processes.

Our extrusion systems are based on the decades of proven and mature developments of the former Barmag AG, now Oerlikon Barmag – a brand of the Polymer Processing division of the Oerlikon Group. Our wide range of products includes single-screw extruders in several sizes – from small feed extruders to large extruders and cascade extrusion systems. Dynamic melt mixers complete our product range.

In extruder manufacturing, quality is our top priority. Only high-quality components are used in our extruders and mixers, which in turn guarantee and promote the quality of the melt and thus of your end products. From individually designed extruders to ready-for-use extrusion lines: You too can benefit from our expertise in extruder construction. We are happy to be at your disposal as a competent partner – from development to production and commissioning.

Single-screw extruders

We offer a wide range of single-screw extruders: from small to large and for different polymers and applications.

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3DD mixer

3DD Mixer - the add-on melt mixer with the most effective mixing principle.

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FAQ about polymer extruders

What are polymer extruders?

With the great growth of the plastics industry in the middle of the last century, extruders were able to manifest themselves as indispensable components for the production of thermoplastic products, among others. BB Engineering’s extruders are also used for plastics processing. Here, plastic granules are liquefied by a mechanical process in the extruder under the action of pressure and heat to form a melt, which is then processed into end products – such as yarns or films – in subsequent shaping processing steps.

For which fields of application are extruders from BB Engineering suitable?

BB Engineering extruders are single-screw extruders mainly used in fiber and film production (spinning extruders for different yarns; film extruders for packaging films, condenser foils and many more). They can process PET, PA, PP, PE and PA6 polymers. BB Engineering extruders are also suitable for PET recycling processes or the processing of recycled PET.

Other fields of application and polymers can also be realized. We will be happy to check your specific requirements on request.

What makes our extruders different from other manufactures?

BB Engineering extruders combine several advantages that make them an indispensable tool for your end application as well. Based on decades of experience in extruder manufacturing, we produce high-quality extruders with proven design according to state-of-the-art technology. For this purpose, we use only high-quality components that ensure a long service life and operational availability of the extruders. The use of high-quality components for insulation also enables a high level of energy efficiency.

Over the years, the extruder screw geometry has been continuously optimized. By using our extruders, it is thus possible to produce a homogeneous and highest quality melt.

Our finely graded product range offers a wide range of different extruder sizes. This enables a customer-specific, application-oriented design that ensures successful use in diverse applications – including your specific end use.

Are extruders from BB Engineering suitable for PET recycling processes?

Yes, our extruders can also be designed for PET recycling processes. They are also part of our VacuFil® recycling line.

What are cascade extrusion systems?

Cascade extrusion elements complete our product range in the field of extruder manufacturing. We design, manufacture and assemble extrusion cascade elements for the final application in film extrusion lines as well as in spinning lines.

These basically consist of two extruders – a melting extruder and an extruder for homogenization and possible degassing of the melt.

The reason for using cascade extrusion elements is the separation of the melting and homogenizing process steps, which allows better optimization of the individual process steps.

We would be pleased to support you in optimizing your process steps by manufacturing application-specific cascade extrusion elements. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

What are melt mixers used for?

Melt mixers can be used to improve the homogeneity of a melt, to mix different polymers together or to evenly mix additives and/or masterbatches into a melt. We offer both different mixing heads, which are installed directly with the extruder screw, and a standalone mixer. This mixer with independent drive and with our unique and particularly efficient 3DD mixing principle, can be integrated at different positions in your extruder melt stream.

For further information please contact us.

You have special requirements and need an individualized product? BB Engineering will be happy to develop a customized product in consultation with you!

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