VacuFil® recycling system for high-quality reconditioning of PET waste

From waste to value

VacuFil® is a unique and innovative PET recycling line, uniting gentle large-scale filtration and targeted IV regulation for consistently outstanding rPET melt quality. It processes a variety of input materials - post-production and post-consumer. The patented key component Visco+ vacuum filter quickly and reliably removes volatile contamination.

  • Filtration & decontamination
  • Downstream options
  • Precise IV control - if needed
  • Flexible & modular
  • Continuous multi-stage filtration for high degrees of contamination
  • Gentle 20μm fine filtration at lowest flux rates of <100 kg/m2/h and low pressure losses
  • Customized filter system
  • Unique degassing
  • Melt modification
  • Inline viscometer and color measurement
  • Pelletizing
  • Direct feeding into downstream production processes
  • Inline spinning with our VarioFil® system
  • Process: Liquid state polycondensation (LSP).
  • Viscosity increase: up to 30% depending on throughput
  • Homogeneity: ± 0.01 dl/g
  • Speed: 50% faster than conventional LSP systems
  • Stable, reproducible output through continuous monitoring with an inline viscometer
  • Various input options: Bottle flakes, fiber waste, start-up lumps, film, chips, granules.
  • IV flexible programmable
  • Customized line configuration
  • Standalone or inline version available
  • Optional functions can be added, e.g. additive or color mixing by means of 3DD mixer, filter cleaning WFC
VacuFil® BB EngineeringVacuFil®

Design example VacuFil® for
fiber-to-fiber recycling processes

Design example VacuFil® for
Bottle-to-Chips recycling processes.

All advantages at a glance

Quality assurance

We rely on our decades of experience as a supplier to world market leaders and place the highest quality demands on ourselves and our products. Gentle plasticizing with BBE’s barrier mixing screw, low melt temperatures, short residence times and well thought-out melt guidance lead to the ideal melt quality you require – reproducible through continuous monitoring.

Conserving resources

Saves space, energy, time and logistics.

High production efficiency

A seamless recycling process that enables direct further processing – even without pelletinzing with intermediate storage and obligatory remelting.

Everything from one source

Benefit from BBE’s spinning expertise, the Oerlikon service network and a holistic recycling system that seamlessly combines all functions including pre-drying, decontamination, extrusion and filtration on a turnkey basis.

Technical data

VacuFil® types and their throughput capacity
VacuFil® 300
150 - 300 kg/h
VacuFil® 500
250 - 500 kg/h
VacuFil® 1000
500 - 1000 kg/h
VacuFil® 2000
1000 - 2000 kg/h
VacuFil® 3000
2000 - 3000 kg/h
VacuFil® BB Engineering

Visco+ vacuum filter

Core component for pure melt and precise IV control.

Visco+ applies the liquid-state polycondensation principle and uses vacuum to produce a homogeneous, pure melt with a targeted IV value. Visco+ is not only the core component of the VacuFil recycling system, but is also available as a separate and easily integrated retrofit component for existing production lines.

Click here for more information on Visco+. 

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