JeTex air-texturizing line

JeTex air-texturizing line

Jetting first class.

JeTex is a production line for high-quality air-textured yarn (ATY). It combines our innovative texturizing process as key component with state-of-the-art components by Oerlikon and Heberlein to ensure fast production speed, the desired effects and the quality of your product. It offers a wide range of production volume, processable feedstocks and applications, both textile and industrial. At
the same time, it guarantees an energy- and cost-efficient production.

  • Yarn types & denier
  • Polymers
  • Applications

Configurations available for different yarn types and deniers

  • POY
  • FDY

Processing of different polymers

  • PET
  • PP
  • PA 6 & 6.6

Typical application examples are

  • Apparel e.g. fashion, underweare, sports, accessories, sneakers
  • Home furnishing e.g. upholstery, carpets, blankets, curtains
  • Technical e.g. carpet backing, sewing thread
JeTex air-texturizing line

Technical data

Titer range feedstock
30 - 600 den single yarn end
Titer range final
60 - 1600 den
Max. speed
1200m/min at overfeed godets

Efficient in every respect

JeTex is designed for cost-efficient production of high-quality air-

texturized yarn. That means: High production speed combined with low

energy consumption and the permanent focus on your product’s quality

through gentle yarn treatment and an optimized yarn path.

  • Low OPEX
  • Highest product quality
  • Versatile process

Effects that affect

Air-texturizing is a very versatile method to texture yarn. By treating the feed yarn with the help of nozzles millions of small loops are created that contribute to the bulk and loft of the fabric and offer a natural, cotton-like look and feel. There is a broad range of both feed yarn and resulting effects. The loop formation created by JeTex can be designed in various ways. By using different process parameters the intensity, size, uniformity and stability of the loops are influenced. Also, the mixture colors to achieve a mélange effect is possible.



The most important information at a glance.

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