Visco+ vacuum filter for PET recycling

Pure melt. Precise viscosity setting.

Visco+ is a LSP system which produces a homogeneous, pure melt with a targeted IV setting with the help of vacuum. Not only being key component of VacuFil recycling line, the Visco+ is also available as a separate and easily-integratable upgrade component for existing systems by BBE or other manufacturers – for instance, for returning polyester production waste to the melt flow, but also for achieving a homogeneous viscosity in the case of virgin material.

  • Application areas
  • Recycling of PET waste e.g. bottle flakes, fiber waste, start-up lumps etc.
  • Virgin PET improvement
    • IV Homogenization: When an existing production system is struggling with IV fluctuations, Visco+ can actively intervene and compensate for irregularities;
    • IV increase: If the final viscosity is not sufficient when processing recycled materials, Visco+ can increase the IV value without the negative effects of long residence times

Intrinsic viscosity and process stability

Intrinsic viscosity is the central quality characteristic in PET recycling and rPET processing. It determines the melting performance in the production process and the properties of the end products.

Therefore, it is essential for the recycling process to achieve and maintain the exact iV value required for the respective application.

Visco+ makes the difference

Visco+ produces rPET melt with the specifically required iV – reliably and stably. The principle of polycondensation in the liquid state is used to decontaminate the starting material. Two factors play an important role here: the largest possible melt surface and the ability of the molecules to move.

Visco+ filtration provides an enormous material surface area in relation to volume and continuously renews it. In other words, the melt molecules are constantly in motion and thus impurities can be removed continuously and reliably by means of a high-performance vacuum.

  • Fast
    50% faster than conventional LSP systems.
  • Verifiable
    IV fully controllable and flexibly adjustable during operation.
  • Reliable
    IV is continuously monitored with an online viscometer and automatically controlled in case of deviations.

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