3DD mixer

3DD Mixer - the add-on melt mixer with the most effective mixing principle

Complex melt mixing and melt modification for high quality products

The 3DD Mixer is an add-on component for the flexiblisation of condensation plants, as well as extrusion systems, allowing the addition of colours and additives into the melt pass at various points of the polymer system. Our unique 3DD (3 Dimensional Dynamic) mixing principle provides excellent distributive and dispersive blending, hence fulfills a variety of mixing and thereby ensures your products’ quality. Primary applications are e.g. blending dyes, stabilizers, fillers, master batches, and liquid dyes.

  • Reasons to use the 3DD Mixer
  • The most effective mixing technology
  • Handles complex mixing tasks and mixes even polymers that are difficult to mix
  • This enables an extended product range and targeted modification of the melt properties, e.g. special colors or modified yarn types
  • Highest flexibility and efficiency for new or existing extrusion and polycondensation lines
  • Mixing effect, pressure and melt temperature adjustable
3DD mixer
3DD Mischer BB Engineering

The most effective mixing principle

The crescent-shaped cavities of the rotating inner section and the stationary section in the cylinder divide the axial melt flows into the finest layers, which are constantly rearranged in tangential and axial directions and then recombined. The melt stretching, folding and moving processes inside the mixer combine the following principles of mixing:

The stretching, folding and flowing behavior of the melt inside the mixer combines the principles of mixing:

  1. Dispersive mixing: Crushes agglomerates
  2. Distributive mixing: Improves spatial distribution of components
  3. Thermal mixing: Equalizes temperature differences



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