Man-made fiber systems


We manufacture spinning and texturizing plants for synthetic fibers – you can rely on our full service from planning and design to installation, commissioning and after sales. We offer you application-specific and flexible process solutions to produce a wide range of top-quality filaments and yarns (POY, FDY, MDY, IDY) – even recycled PET yarn. 

Our VarioFil® compact spinning lines guarantee maximum flexibility for you. They process common polymers such as polyester, polypropylene or polyamides (PA6 and PA66) and enable a wide range of titers. Tailor-made conversion packages and the modular design of the spinning lines also allow cost-effective and quick adaptation to existing market requirements. Product quality is our top priority. For this, we rely on high-quality components and reliable process control.

For finishing your synthetic fibre into ATY, i.e. air-texturized yarn with a natural fibre-like character, our JeTex air-texturizing system offers the solution. Our versatile process with its innovative texturizing unit and state-of-the-art components creates a wide variety of effects while efficiently preserving product quality.

You want to know more about our man-made fiber systems? Then you will find what you require here.

VarioFil® spinning line

The VarioFil® spinning line is a turnkey compact line ideal for manufacturers who have a wide product range, small batch sizes or specialized products.

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VarioFil® R/ R+ spinning line

The VarioFil® spinning lines also enable the production of recycled yarn from PET waste.

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JeTex air-texturizing line

JeTex is a production line for high-quality air-textured yarn (ATY).

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FAQ about our man-made fiber systems

Filament yarn - what is it?

Whether POY, FDY, MDY or IDY – the principle of manufacturing synthetic fiber is always the same: spinning pumps press the plastic melt under high pressure through microfine nozzles, so called spinnerets. The resulting filaments (filament yarn) are then bundled into threads, if necessary extended through godets and finally wound up by the bobbin head.

The use of extremely precise and robust equipment is necessary for the flawless production of filament yarn. This allows the production of even more complex technical yarns – the supreme discipline in filament production, as high strength, enormous dimensional stability, long durability and a wide range of titers are required.

No matter if POY, FDY, MDY or IDY- with the VarioFil® compact spinning plant we cover almost every process.

What specific types of synthetic fibers can be manufactured with our extrusion spinning plants?

VarioFil® is a compact and at the same time flexible POY/FDY/MDY/IDY line to produce various yarns with superior performance. It covers a wide range of titers: 30 to 4,800 den per yarn.

Thanks to the high-performance yarn spinning components from extruder and spinning pump to spinning beams and winder, the VarioFil® produces premium quality yarns with high uniformity.

Our precise spinning technology solutions can produce the following synthetic fibers:

POY – pre-oriented textile yarns made of polyester (PET) or polyamide (PA) with titer range of 30-600 den, depending on the line and the polymer.

FDY – fully drawn textile yarns made of polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP) or polyamide (PA) with titer range of 30-600 den, depending on the line and polymer

IDY – industrial high tenacity yarns made of polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP) or polyamide (PA) with titer range of 30-4,800 den, depending on line and polymer

Regarding IDY we can distinguish the following types:

  • HT – High Tenacity
  • HMLS – High Modulus Low Shrinkage
  • HTLS – High Tenacity Low Shrinkage
  • LS – Low Shrinkage
  • XLS – extra low shrinkage

The spinning lines of the VarioFil® series are the ideal solution for various applications due to their modular design. The VarioFil® plants are therefore available as the following versions: POY machine, FDY machine, IDY machine, MDY machine.

For which applications are the VarioFil® spinning systems suitable?

The modular spinning lines of the VarioFil® series are the ideal choice for the production of filament yarns for companies with a wide product range, small batches and special products. Our spinning lines are not limited to the use of just one material but open up enormous freedom for manufacturing companies in terms of changing polymers and end products. VarioFil® processes PET, PA and polyolefins. The VarioFil® R and VarioFil® R+ version processes rPET chips resp. bottle flakes into yarn.

What are typical end products for yarns produced using VarioFil®?

Yarns produced on the VarioFil® compact spinning line are used after further processing on the one hand for textile clothing and footwear, such as fashion, functional clothing and sportswear. On the other hand, the yarns are typically used in home textiles such as carpets, bathroom textiles, upholstery etc. Finally, the yarns are often used for technical applications such as seat belts, airbags, seat covers, ropes, fishing nets, protective clothing or safety equipment.

Which components do VarioFil® spinning lines consist of?

In our compact spinning lines of the VarioFil® series, we only use high-quality components that reliably produce high-quality synthetic fibers. VarioFil® is a modular system, which provides a perfectly designed machine depending on the application and polymer but can also be retooled at any time.

All VarioFil® components are designed with the quality of your product in mind.

  • Steel frame:  The compact standalone frame with up to three tiers can be integrated into virtually any production hall while providing easy access to all components. Also possible: integration of the VarioFil® into an existing building with existing floors, making the steel frame unnecessary.
  • Chips handling: Handling system for conveying, crystallizing and drying the polymer
  • Dosing unit: The gravimetric dosing and mixing system guarantees precise metering and addition of up to seven different masterbatches and/or additives.
  • Extruder: Thanks to their clever screw geometry, short residence times and low thermal and mechanical stress, our long-proven extruders produce an excellent melt and thus first-class yarn qualities, especially for spun-dyed yarns.
  • Filters: When processing critical materials such as recycled PET or bottle flakes, the use of polymer filters may be necessary to ensure a stable spinning process and high yarn quality. Here we typically install the Continuous Vertical Filter (CVF) from our product range.
  • Spinning beam: The spinning beam ensures uniform temperatures in all spinning packages and melt lines. The spinning pumps included here, in turn, ensure precise distribution of the melt to all filaments and uniform quality even at high production speeds.
  • Spinning packages: The spinning packages are characterized by durability, outstanding flow and pressure control, and heat distribution, ultimately enabling fast color changes.
  • Quenching unit: The blow unit from Oerlikon Barmag (optionally Evo or X-Flow) enables excellent Uster values with its uniform and trouble-free air flow. Prozess und Wahlweise
  • Godets: Oerlikon Barmag’s induction-heated godets operate with the highest accuracy in speed and temperature for optimum treatment of the yarn.
  • Migration and intermingling: Ensures an even distribution of the oil application and adds knots to the yarn
  • Winders: We use the high-end winders WINGS from Oerlikon Barmag. These operate highly efficiently, save energy, and maintain the quality of the yarn with their winding technology.
Is VarioFil® also suitable for the production of recycled yarn?

With the VarioFil® R and R+, recycled polyester chips (PET) as well as bottle flakes can be processed into high-quality POY without any problems.

What is air-texturized yarn?

Air-texturized yarn is synthetic and thus originally straight yarn that is processed with the help of air flow and thus acquires a natural fibre-like character.

How does air-texturizing work with JeTex?

The JeTex air-texturizing process uses a stream of cold air to create voluminous synthetic yarns with low stretch. By treating the yarn with the help of jets, millions of small loops are created, which generate volume and loft and give the yarn a natural, cotton-like character. Different process parameters allow JeTex to create different effects.

What are applications of JeTex air-texturizing?

The wide range of input materials and effects leads to a variety of applications:

  • Apparel e.g. fashion, underwear, sports, accessories, trainers
  • Home textiles e.g. upholstery, carpets, blankets, curtains
  • Technology e.g. carpet backing, sewing thread

You have special requirements and need an individualized product? BB Engineering will be happy to develop a customized product in consultation with you!

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