Polymer filtration systems from BB Engineering

Polymers can carry a variety of micropollutants that have a negative impact on your manufacturing process, your production equipment, and the properties of your end product. With our range of polymer filters, you can achieve a clean, pure melt and thus the ideal basis for any further processing in various applications. Especially in the production of challenging products such as films and spun yarns, melt filters are essential to ensure a high quality of the material. In the same way, the field of plastics recycling cannot do without melt filters. Effective filtration is essential here – both in the recycling of PET waste, and in the further processing of recycled materials into high-quality new products.

Our product portfolio serves various applications, polymers, and throughputs. In addition to melt filters, we supply an innovative melt filter cleaning system. Each of our filtration products includes decades of experience as well as only high-quality components to ensure efficient processes and trouble-free operation.


We offer polymer filters with filter areas from small to large.

Discontinuous filters  

Long-Life Filter (LLF) 0,1 m² – 40 m²

Horizontal Candle Filter (HCF) 0,1 m² – 1,5m²

Continuous filters  

Continuous Vertical Filter (CVF) 2x 0,4 m² – 2x 8 m²

Non-Stop Filter (NSF) 2x 1,8 m² – 2x 40 m²

Long-Life Filter (LLF)

Our discontinuous polymer melt filter is available in many sizes and is characterized by particularly long service lives.

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Horizontal Candle Filter (HCF)

Our discontinuous polymer melt filter features a compact inline design.

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Continuous Vertical Filter (CVF)

The Continuous Vertical Filter is a continuously operating polymer melt filter with two chambers.

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Non-Stop Filter (NSF)

Our Non-Stop Filter is a continuous polymer melt filter with two chambers.

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White Filter Cleaning (WFC)

White Filter Cleaning is a pre-cleaning system for your filter media and filter housings that does not use hazardous and harmful chemicals such as TEG.

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FAQ about our polymer filters

What are reasons for using polymer filters?

Filtering out contaminants from polymer melts has many positive effects:

  • Better quality of your end product
  • Higher efficiency in downstream processes
  • Ability to produce even critical or complex end products, e.g. microfibers, ultra-thin films
  • Protection and extended life of components
What are possible contaminants that polymer filters filter out?
  • Metal particles
  • Environmental impurities (sand, pollen, insects, soot, dust, …)
  • High melting temperature crystallites / solids
  • Cross-linked molecular chains (hard and soft gels)
  • Catalyst residues (Sb2O3)
  • Clumped filler material (TIO2, CaCO3, SiO2)
In which applications are our polymer filters used?

Our continuous and discontinuous polymer filtration systems are mainly used within biax film lines (for packaging, display & screen, capacitor, battery separator films), spinning lines (POY, FDY) and PET recycling processes (pelletizing, spinning).

For which polymers are filters from BB Engineering suitable?

Polymer filters from BB Engineering can process PP, PA6, PET, among others.

How do continuous and discontinuous filters differ?

Discontinuous polymer filters have a filter chamber that requires temporary interruption of operation for replacement/cleaning. Continuous polymer filters have two filter chambers – one in operation and one in standby. To clean one filter element, the melt flow is switched to the second filter chamber so that operation does not have to be stopped.

Which filter media are used?

In our polymer filters, combinations of different-fine wire cloth layers and sintered metal fiber fleece are used. The filter elements are installed in candle-shaped and disc-shaped filter elements.

You have special requirements and need an individualized product? BB Engineering will be happy to develop a customized product in consultation with you!

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