Single-screw extruders

Single-screw extruders from small to large and for various applications

Decades of experience for absolutely homogeneous melts

We offer a wide range of single-screw extruders: from small to large and for different polymers and applications. We always rely on high-quality technology - for your qualitative products. This is how our extruders have proven themselves for decades.

  • High melt quality
  • Long lifetime
  • 100% tailor-made
  • Computer-aided screw design, perfectly matched to your specific polymers and products
  • Optimized polymer homogenization
  • Low thermal and mechanical stress
  • Precise temperature and process control
  • Short residence time
  • Robust design and state-of the-art machinery
  • Bimetallic cylinder
  • Long-lasting drive layout
  • Long-term trouble-free operation
  • Low maintenance cost and energy consumption
  • Applicable fo wide range of process and product requirements
  • Large range of processible polymers, possible end products and fine-graded sizes
  • Customized screw geometry in every project
  • Large and finely graduated portfolio of extruder sizes
  • Different heights and drive arrangements available
  • Different additional mixing systems available
  • Whole extrusion cascade systems incl. filters, booster pumps, melt pipes, drain valves, mixers and more available
Single-screw extruders

Technical data

Extruder product range
Screw diameter
30 - 360 mm
L/D ratio
24, 27, 30, 33
Throughput (kg/h)
3 - 6,000 (depending on viscosity and polymer)
Belt or direct drive
PP, PET, PA, PE (incl. recyclates, others on request)
Application examples
Spinning mill (POY, FDY, IDY, BCF, non-woven), film (BO-PA, BO-PET, BO-PP, tapes), recycling, various special applications

Example design spinning extruder

Single-screw extruder for spinning lines and side-feeding of masterbatches, screw diameter 45 mm, effective length 24L/D.

Example design film extruder

Single-screw extruder for film lines, screw diameter 300 mm, effective length 30L/D, maximum throughput up to 4000 kg/h

Example design vacuum extruder

Single-screw degassing extruder for recycling/processing post-consumer waste, screw diameter 90 mm, effective length L/D 48

Einschneckenextruder BB Engineering

Mixer heads &
3DD mixer

Our extruders can be equipped with mixing heads to achieve better homogeneity in terms of viscosity, temperature and color as well as for the addition of colors and other additives, e.g. antistatic agents, UV protection, flame retardants. We offer different types of blending concepts. Depending on your raw material and your end product, we recommend the most suitable mixing tip for your product.

Likewise, our extruders can be upgraded with our 3DD mixer.

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